Adult Classes

Adult Classes



Combat Room has classes suitable for all levels and abilities. Join our family for high quality training and discover the BJJ lifestyle in the Northern Beaches. 

We run classes every day of the week, welcoming free trials and new enrolments at any time.  

Please contact us to book in your first class. 


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Fundamentals Classes

Our Fundamentals classes are open to all levels and focus on self defence techniques and the core movements and drills to prepare you for the more advanced classes. Perfect for beginners and anyone that wants to train at a lower intensity or needs to prepare their bodies for higher intensity training.  

These classes include warming up, techniques, drills, and positional grappling.

Mixed Levels Classes

Open to all belt levels. These classes build on the skills learned in the Fundamentals classes and incorporate more advanced sport grappling techniques and "rolling" (sparring).

These classes include warming up, drills, technique, and rolling. 

Advanced Classes

For more experienced students and competitors. Higher intensity training to get you prepared for any challenge; sport or self defence. Ask your coach if these classes are suited to your level. 

These classes include drills, technique, conditioning, strategies, and rolling. 

Movement Classes


A traditional Tantric Hatha yoga practice aiming to create specific change within the students state of body, energy & mind. Each class will include Asana (dynamic & static stretching), Pranayama (breath work), Kriya (secret Tantric practices), and Meditation (sharpening of the mind). This form of yoga is very useful for reducing stress, increasing sports performance, and helping humans find more flow in their day-to-day life.

Movement for Martial Arts

Functional mobility, strength, movement patterns and games that will build stamina and expand the body's ability to adapt and learn new patterns and movements required for BJJ.



Join our team for high quality training and discover the many benefits of BJJ

Fee's are paid via direct debit on a fortnightly basis. 

Jiu-Jiteiro Membership - $50 per week

  • Unlimited access to all classes suited to your level

No contracts. 2 weeks notice to hold or cancel membership. 

Casual Class - $28 per session

10 Pass - $250 (3 month expiry)