All of our coaches live and breath Jiu-Jitsu everyday. We want to help all our students achieve their goals, learn, laugh and enjoy the BJJ journey together along the way!

Alex Scott

Head Instructor - Kids and Adults Classes

BJJ Black Belt - 2nd Degree

Alex has over 20 years of experience as an international level athlete, representing NZ at both Commonwealth and World Championships in Fencing and then going on to compete at numerous World Championships and on professional BJJ events such as the "Boa Super 8" in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Alex has experienced the benefits of Jiu-Jitsu not only from a competitive sports aspect but also from a health and wellness perspective. He successfully recovered from a serious leg injury which marked the change in his path from fencing to Jiu-Jitsu. This highlighted to him the importance of a daily physical & mental practice to develop a positive mindset in order to achieve your goals and enjoy life to it's fullest.

Alex is in the gym coaching our kids and adults classes every day, & is also available for 1-1 or group sessions. Connect with alex on instagram.


Anna FitzGerald

Instructor - Kids Classes / Gym Manager

BJJ Purple Belt / Personal Trainer / Yoga Instructor

Anna has been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since 2010, starting first in Wellington, NZ then moved over to the Northern Beaches to continue the journey alongside Alex. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu complimented Anna's prior learning and evolved to be much more than just a hobby, but a positive and fundamental part of her life.

Having experienced many of the benefits of training BJJ personally, Anna hopes to be able to pass the same on to the next generation of Jiujiteiro. A certified yoga instructor, Anna blends the learning from both Yoga & BJJ in to teaching. BJJ & Yoga are physical practices with physical benefits, but it's the ability of them to pass on a multitude of other life skills that keeps Anna engaged & excited in her own practice & teaching.

Anna is in the gym coaching every day, but is also available for 1-1 or group sessions in BJJ, Yoga, + S&C. COnnect with Anna on instagram.

Emma Scott

Instructor Kids + Adults Classes

BJJ Black Belt

Emma was introduced to BJJ in 2004. She received her blue belt eight months later having fallen in love with the gentle art and it's emphasis on technique over strength.

Emma has competed successfully in New Zealand and Australia and is passionate about the effectiveness of BJJ as a self development and self defence system for everyone, but especially women.

Emma is mum to a 7 year old girl who is almost as keen on training BJJ as she is!

Emma received her black belt in 2018.

Emma is available for 1-1 and small group BJJ and self defence training. Contact Emma by emailing us for more information and availabilities.


Mitch Barraclough

Instructor - Movement for Martial Arts Class

Personal Trainer / Pain Specialist / Strength + Conditioning

Mitch has been working with many forms of movement, from both an eastern and western perspective professionally for 9 years. His approach to conditioning, rehabilitation, strength and athletic improvement is versatile and effective. Taking a holistic approach to each individual to ensure the most direct route to improved performance, function and wellbeing, Mitch takes from his vast experience as a practitioner which include roles as a personal trainer, pain specialist, yoga therapist, pilates instructor, strength and conditioning coach and yoga instructor, to deliver an effective approach that promises longevity and immediate improvement.

Mitch is available for 1-1, small group, and online training. Connect with Mitch on Facebook.

Ryan Barraclough

Instructor - Yoga Classes

Yoga Life Coach / Meditation + Mindfulness / Movement Coach

Ryan has been exploring optimal human performance for the past 8 years, pursuing a career in elite sport which lead to a deep dive in to the mental/emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects of his human experience.

Combining the ancient wisdom of Tantrik philosophy with his background in physical rehabilitation, elite sports performance & nutrition, as well as his continuing studies in to human movement, Ryan coaches clients to live a life with more possibility.

Ryan offers face-2-face or online 1-1 Yoga Life Coaching, meditation & mindfulness coaching, as well as masculinity mentoring.

Connect with Ryan on Facebook or via his website.


Pavol Sadecky

Instructor - Wrestling

Pavol started freestyle wrestling at the age of 6 in Slovakia, and continued the intensive twice daily training throughout his High School years. Pavol competed nationally and internationally over this time, becoming the Slovakian National champion several times.

Pavol moved to Sydney when he was 19, where he studied a Diploma of Sport and Fitness and continued his learning and journey with different Martial Arts.

Pavol’s focus in teaching at the Combat Room is to combine these two grappling arts, and share his knowledge of Wrestling technique and style in a way that carries over and improves our students BJJ game both in stand up and on the ground.

Pavol is in the gym Tuesday nights and Saturday morning for his classes. Occasionally you will find him doing some extra training in the Gi, or dead lifting the weight equivalent of a car.