Safety & Etiquette 

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art which has some particular disciplines and etiquette we try to encourage. Training in a shared gym environment also requires appropriate behaviour from all of us to ensure a safe and enjoyable training experience. This includes all people in the gym for the duration of classes, participating or watching. Please read the following guidelines carefully:   

Try not to be late for the class, it is disrespectful and disruptive

No shoes on the mat. Wear your shoes walking to the gym, between the mat and the changing room/toilet. Help us keep the mats germ free!

Bow before you step on and step off the mat! This is a sign of respect. 

Do not talk when the instructor or your team mates are demonstrating, & put your hand up if you have a question.

No food in the gym. Please eat your afternoon tea prior to coming inside, but bring a full water bottle to have on the side lines. The same goes for any children on the sidelines.     

The gym is a shared space and can be dangerous! Do not shout or scream. Stay off all equipment and keep to the mat space only before & after class. Watch out for adults training. Keep your clothes and bags tidily packed around the mat area. This pertains to all parents and kids in the gym, participating or watching classes. 

Ensure you and your gi is clean before coming on the mats. Wash your gi after every training session.

Keep your fingernails and toenails short. Take any jewellery off and tie your hair back. Wash your hands before training; good hygiene is an important part of training. 

Wear your mouth guard.

Extra Considerations for Parents

Parents please note no children can be left in the gym unattended and unsupervised, particularly as the weights area and other gym equipment can be dangerous and cause significant injury if not used properly.

We welcome parents to stay & watch the classes. If you choose to do this, we ask that you are engaged and present. If you want to use your phone, make calls, or have other children we ask that you leave the gym, and return for pick-up at the end of class. With our growing classes, the fewer people we have in the gym, the quieter, which is better for learning & the kids’ concentration. 

Many thanks in advance for sharing these guidelines with your children and ensuring we have a good conducive learning environment, as well as fun and safe classes.